LED Illuminating Paving Stones

led paving stone Developed for integration in new and existing installations, Cryzal is the ideal solution for enhancing the valorization of interior and exterior enviroments.
led paving stone APPLICATIONS
Private or public such as gardens, parks, swimming pools, terraces, cycle tracks, pedestrian walkways, driveways, crosswalks and art deco.

CRYZAL: Available in 2 versions: 0.1 watt and 1 watt

Among the many advantages offered, Cryzal LED Illuminating paving stones are designed to be installed using a unique "one click" cable lock powering an integrated LED system.

led paving stone led paving stone cryal led stone

Cryzal requires no tools, no preperation of cable and no electric knowledge.

LED Stones are available in Blue, Red, Crystal and Green to name a few
led colors

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