opti curb marker
  • 360º Visibility
  • Compact
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy installation
  • No adhesive required
  • Self cleaning
  • Resilient
  • Fits all curbing
Designed specifically to reflect light back to an approaching vehicle regardless of its oncoming direction.

Curb Marker Drawing

Using optics as its light source illuminates curbs and medians regardless of the vehicles oncoming direction.

Curb Marker Drawing 2

The optical principle of the curb marker allows 360° visibility by bending and returning incoming light beams. These beams project a radiant crystal light signal back to the driver visually influencing the perspective and depth of a roadways curvatures.

Distinguish a roads contour

Opti-Curb markers have been exclusively developed to illuminate and outline all types of concrete and stone curbing creating a full visual outlining of a roads contours.
Curb Markers
curb marker
curb marker curb marker

Opti-curbs optical characteristics allows a vehicles light to stay in contact with the dome until the vehicle has passed the marker allowing the driver to never leave its entrance angle.

Enables medians, rotaries, merging raised curb, sidewalk curbs, intersections to come alive. Enhance and distinguish a roads contour and curvature with a natural appearance.

curb marker
curb marker
curb marker

curb marker

Non-intrusive by day, Opti-Curb markers distinguish the next generation in curb marking technologies.

curb marker

Opti-curb markers are constructed with toughened glass allowing exceptional resistance to outside aggressions and wear. The hardend glass surface ensures longevity while its optical characteristics project 360° of distinctive light reflex and visibility.

Distinctive light reflex

curb marker
curb marker curb marker

Opti-curb markers can be fitted on angled curbs up to 40° without effecting its reflection capabilities. The bending of the lights curvature while entering the optical dome intensifies as the light beams return signal creates a Focal beam directly back to the driver outlining obstructions as if they were illuminated with electricity.

curb marker curb marker curb marker

Opti-curb designed optics instantly transform a roads appearance making the traveling lanes easier to pass through. Illuminate hard to see medians and center islands. Designed to function up to a 40 degree incline, Opti-curb adapts to all types of curbing for simple strait forward installations.

Opti-curb has been specifically designed to be a permanent marker that requires zero maintenance.


curb marker installation
Curb Marker curb marker

curb marker
Utilizing the One-Step core drill bit, the Opti-curb is inserted into bored concrete, asphalt stone or granite Presenting a clean non-intrusive application. Opti-curb is fitted with a special high resistant rubber grommet with integrated anchor eliminated the need for adhesives. Raised median such as the one on right required 30 minutes or less to complete 9 holes and made to last the life of the curb.
Expected life span for marker: Permanent

Distinctive light reflex

Visible from any incoming direction, OPTI-CURB markers reinforce the presence of curbs and straight-a ways regardless of the motorists direction.

curb marker
Opti-curb resists 15 tons preserving the reflective core of its non conductive self cleaning lens.

The Incidence Surface, protruding over the curb receives the light beams from approaching vehicles.
curb marker

Enhance center islands with distinct clarity
curb marker at night
opti curb marker Optical light reflex follows the light source until disappearance.

Optical Reflex Function

curb marker
curb marker diagram Omni-Reactional reflex is based on four main elements:

A. Entrance Angle
B. Mirror
C. Optical Lens
D. Foot

Fitted with a special rubber locking
joint, eliminates the need for adhesives.

Entrance Angle of light entering the OMNI-Reactional lens (a), is redirected to a specific area of the metalized support acting as a MIRROR (b). The FOOT (d) supports the mirror projection lens acting as a support and adding longevity to its optical lens.
The beam of light is then reflected off the OPTICAL LENS (c) returning light back to its source. OPTI-CURB'S new reflex technology provides drivers with a precise and efficient light signal even under wet conditions.


Compact, 2 square inches
curb marker curb marker

Opti-curb’s compact size allows installations under 2 minutes when utilizing Holotool or One-step drill bits.

curb marker
Opti-curb’s Smooth surface allows self cleansing. Mechanical properties provide outstanding strength, durability and wear resistance when compared to plastic marker systems.

Rural environments
curb marker
curb marker
Assure the presence of raised curbing for all approaching motorists.
Curb marking systems set a new standard in illumination.
Curb markers can be installed in asphalt, concrete, wood, steel, brick and most any other common substrate.

Define roadways with greater flexibility

curb markers

curb markers curb markers
Spacing: 12 inches
Spacing: 3 feet

Part Number










6.2 oz



Curb markers are packaged 50 units per carton.





Tempered optical glass

Mechanical Strength

>15 Tons


Removal force

110 lbs





Optical principle



Reflection type



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