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We always ship by the best and least expensive means possible.

Products ship in a variety of methods such as LTL Common Carrier, UPS (When applicable), Many National Full Truck and Statewide Common Carriers.
Flatbed Trucks, Trailers, Vans and various other smaller delivery vehicles are employed to deliver the goods here in the USA.
We facilitate export  to overseas destinations.

Shipping will always depend on the weight and size of each product, which are normally combined and discounted when shipping large quantities.

Some Products may require a commercial establishment for delivery.

Definitions of Delivery Services
(Usually Mon. - Fri. 7:00 am - 4:00 pm no call ahead needed, commercial zone, dock or forklift unloading available on site)
Commercial Lift Gate (Used in conjunction with receiving parties fork lifts and pallet jacks)
Commercial lift gate & pallet jack (Delivering carrier supplies the pallet jack to unload pallets to ground)
Hand Unload (Customer supplies all labor while truck driver sits, usually with a time limit involved)

There are many levels of service, (call aheads, lift gate & pallet jack service, out of the way locations, hand unloading)

Other Services
Paperwork and transfer of ownership are always key to shipments bound for worldwide markets.
While most of our products have been shipped world wide we sometimes have not made the connection yet to get those of you outside the USA the best shipping rates. Domestically we have a network of  companies that get products to our customers in a timely fashion. Increasingly companies not in the Continental USA have us ship the products that they are buying to ports of export like Miami or San Deigo and many other points of consolidation through the continuous USA.

Extra Cost's
Notification prior to delivery
Residential and Non-Commercial Zones
Lift Gate Truck Delivery
Pallet Jacks for unloading
Oversize Pallets
Export Pallets
Repackaging for Residential or lift gate delivery
Will Call fees

Our products come in a variety of boxed, wrapped, palletized and special container dimensions

Warehouse pickup is available in some areas and on some products, most products are shipped directly form the manufacturing plants to your destination.

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