Horse Arena Footing

Horse Arena Footing

Rubber chips provide a modern, cushioned surface in your arena to relieve stress on horse joints. Spreading a layer of rubber chips on your arena surface improves drainage, performance, and comfort while reducing dust, compaction, and fatigue. has an excellent article on horse footing which describes how rubber footing helps keep down dust and resists compaction.

According to an article written by Ann Compton on, "...most who take the plunge and spend the money for rubber footing are delighted with it. The general consensus is that it is low-maintenance, dust free and resilient.".

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Rubber chips offer more cushion than hard-packed arena surfaces which reduces compression stress on equine leg joints. Rubber granules resist compaction better than sand or dirt.

Our arena surface product is made from 100% recycled scrap tires. We magnetically remove at least 99.9% of the metal contained in scrap tires in order to protect your animals' feet. Rubber is very durable and offers a long service life.

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Environmentally Friendly

Rubber granules are environmentally friendly. According to a Guidance Manual published by the California Integrated Waste Management Board (a board of the California Environmental Protection Agency), "tire shreds do not leach volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or, when leaching does occur, these compounds are found at very low concentrations, i.e., below the primary drinking water standards or action levels.".
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Dust Control

Rubber chips increase soil porosity, enabling water to better penetrate the soil. Many of the chips contain embedded cord, such as nylon, rayon, or polyester, which absorb moisture when watered. This moisture rentention promotes dust control in your arena, while reducing the frequency of watering.

How much will I need?

A depth of one or two inches of rubber chips is all that is required to provide you with noticeable benefits. Deeper layers of rubber chips provide negligible benefits.

Use the following chart to calculate the amount of material you require.
Number of 
(2000 lb) Bags   
cubic yards   
Square Feet 
@ 1" Thick   
Square Feet 
@ 2" Thick   
1      2.2      713      356     
2    4.4    1,426    713   
3    6.6    2,138    1,069   
4    8.8    2,851    1,426   
5    11.0    3,564    1,782   
6    13.2    4,277    2,138   
7    15.4    4,990    2,495   
8    17.6    5,702    2,851   
9    19.8    6,415    3,208   
10    22.0    7,128    3,564   


How much will this cost?

Two sizes of rubber granules are available.
  • 1/4" tire granules: $375 per 1-ton bag
  • 1/2" tire granules: $285 per 1-ton bag

* Prices do not include shipping. We can make shipping arrangements for you.


Rubber chips are typically delivered on a semi-trailer. Be sure you have space to unload a 75' long semi. You will also need to arrange for a forklift or or tractor with a front bucket for unloading purposes.

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