Plastic Lumber
Plastic Lumber
Plastic Lumber is a wood alternative product that is made from 100% recycled HDPE plastics.

Plastic Lumber is suitable for a wide range of uses such as decking, docks, and landscaping.

It is not a one for one replacement for wood and is NOT intended far primary- structural members.

Lumber will expand and contract approximately 1/4"  per 8 board feet, installation and designs should allow for this movcmcnt. Expansion and contraction could be increased in southern exposure projects.

We do not warrant, either expressed nor implied, any use beyond those designated. Carefully read the installation instructions and test to insure that the product will perforrn satisfactorily  for your specific application.

A maintenance free product that requires no painting, staining or sealing. It is not suggested that you paint  and most paints will not adhere for any significant period of time. Plastic Lumber is resistant to moisture, bacteria growth and most corrosive substances.

The product can be cleaned with soapy water. Ultraviolet stabilizers are used to eliminate polymer breakdown in exposure to sunlight, and weather. There may be slight fading over long outdoor exposure.  It is not intended for use as collunns, beams, joists, stringers. and other priniary load bearing members. It is more flexible than wood. You will need additional support if You replace wood with plastic on benches and picnic tables. Made from 100%, recycled plastics thus there's some color variation in all of the colors we produce.

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