Sport Flec Rubber Matting Surface


Rolled rubber products must reach ambient room temperature to ensure a secure, tight installation with minimal size fluctuation.  Each piece should be completely unrolled and allowed to set for a full 24 hours prior to beginning installation.  This allows the product to relax from being rolled and to size-stabilize at the typical room temperature.  Inspect the product prior to installation for measurable defects or variations.

Do not use recycled rubber products in conjunction with any petroleum based products.  This includes solvents, adhesives or sealants. All substrates (especially new concrete) must be fully cured for a minimum of 28 days prior to installing rubber products.

Rubber may be laid over existing low-pile carpet without adhesive for a temporary floor.  Due to natural oils existing in natural rubber, it is suggested to either treat the carpet with a “Scotch Guard” type product or cover the carpet with a non-porous sheeting prior to installation.

Using double-sided carpet tape:
Apply the Double sided quality carpet tape on the floor completely around the inside perimeter of width and length of the roll.
Tape will need to be overlapped to connect both pieces (if this is not done double the amount of tape will be required) Call us at 541-342-4500 if you have any questions. Do not remove the release paper.  At the beginning of the seam, fold back the rubber at the width point so that the tape in viewable.  Remove release tape and ease rubber back down into place.  Do not allow to “flop” onto the tape, as it may create air pockets.  Press to adhere.  Continue this process of the remainder of the floor.
Note, leave an 1/8" to 1/4" gape when abutting up next to wall to allow for expansion.

Leave an 1/8" gap between pieces to receive glue, use blue painters tape on mat edges to keep sealant in the gap and to facilitate easy cleanup after glue starts to set, scrape sealant level with mats  (about 10-20 minutes) then pull up tape.

NOTE:  If using adhesive or carpet tape:  after the first 60 minutes have passed, and the adhesive has begun to set, thoroughly roll the first row of matting with a 50 – 100 lb  carpet roller to assure bonding to the rubber to the adhesive.  Be careful not to shift the roll outside of the chalk lines while rolling.  Rolling should be done again at 75 and at 90 minutes after the initial placement of the roll onto the adhesive.  Rolling should be done both width wise and lengthwise.  This will insure intimate contact and ultimate bond.

This procedure works best when using a non-retractable utility knife.  When using a utility knife, be sure to keep the blades sharp to aid in the cut and help reduce the possibility of injury due to dull blades.
1.    Mark the rolls you will need to cut with chalk or a chalk line.
2.    Put your straight edge on the corresponding marks you have placed on the rubber.
3.    Holding the straight edge firmly in place, score the mats two or three times. **
4.    Grab the rubber close to the score line, lift and bend the mat toward you.  The score line will “break open”.
5.    Make several more passes with the knife, working down and away from the cut, until the cut is complete.

** This process may be made easier by cutting the mat on a raised surface such as a 2 x 4 wood block.  Gravity will depress the cut edge down and away from the cut, and will be less likely to catch the knife blade.

Indoors, sweep, sponge mop or vacuum rubber flooring for everyday maintenance.  Outdoors, a water hose, leaf blower or broom is usually sufficient.

Use cleaner/deodorizer, disinfectant or mild detergent with a sponge mop and water for more extensive cleaning.

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