Rubber Bounce Back Playground Surface

"Bounce Back Rubber" playground surface cushion is a shock-absorbing resilient rubber mat that provides long-term answers to playground safety with ADA accessibility.

Tested and Proven to Reduce Injuries Each year over 200,000 children are injured on American playgrounds, that's over 22 children per hour or 548 injuries per day! Of those children's injuries, 70% were sustained from falls to the surface. That is where Rubber playground surfaces can help. The specially designed cushion mats are made from recycled rubber from tires that would normally end up in landfills rather than protecting children. Rubber cushions meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Americans With Disability Act (ADA) requirements tested by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) methods. The 2 1/2" inch Rubber cushions meet the Head Injury Criterion (HIC) tests for a six-foot fall (ASTM F1292) For more information contact CPSC and request DOCUMENT #1005 at or 800-638-2772. Specificationsrubber playground mats

Choice of Surfaces There are a wide variety of surfaces, each with their benefits and their drawbacks. Loose-fill material requires a high level of maintenance to maintain the mandated safety levels. Where loose-fill materials can compact, shift, decompose, and are almost impossible to keep uniform, Bounce Back Rubber cushions provide a uniform, stable, and almost maintenance-free surface. There is a difference in initial cost; however, the cost of maintaining and constantly renewing loose-fill material will far exceed Rubber cushions in just a few years. Additionally, those responsible for playground liability can rest assured that Rubber cushions will maintain their uniform safety levels; an emotional and financial cost benefit. Rubber cushions allow water to flow through them and away from the children's play surface. The even, slip-resistant surface also allows for wheelchair mobility.

Field-installed surfaces like wood fiber and pour-in-place also have some benefits, but they can vary in thickness uniformity causing "blind spots" which fail to meet the HIC test or specified shock-absorbing criteria. The quality is dependent on the installer rather than the product. Bounce Back Rubber cushions are made with rigid controls to provide a product with uniform thickness and shock-absorption. ASTM testing regularly monitors the product within the production facilities. Installers of Rubber cushions can focus on simple adhesive application and design layout. Additionally if damage by vandalism or other method, were to occur, Rubber cushions can be removed and easily replaced; not so with some other surfaces


Black - Red - Green - Blue & Custom Colors by request Click Here for picture of playground mats in place

A Safer, Cleaner Play Area Because water does not puddle on the surface but moves quickly through the top and through the "legs" of the cushion, the play area is ready for use soon after heavy rain. And unlike loose-fill, contaminates like animal waste, glass, sticks or other harmful objects cannot be buried. There is also no loose-fill material for children to kick, throw or swallow. Maintenance personnel will appreciate Rubber cushions and the reduction of loose-fill material inside buildings brought in on clothing. Quick view of the Rubber cushions will reveal its readiness for play year after year

Accessibility for All Children and Adults The Americans With Disability Act (ADA) requires that all playgrounds be accessible to the physically challenged, both children and adults. Rubber cushions not only protects these individuals from injuries, but also provides easy transition ramps and low wheelchair rolling resistance providing easy access to the playground equipment. The ramp has a 1 in 12 slope, meeting ADP guidelines. By using Rubber cushions over the entire fall area (they are under and around the equipment) there is compliance and protection. Statistics show that, on public-playgrounds, injuries were associated with climbing equipment (40%), slides (22%), and swings (21%).

Children not requiring the use of mobility aides will enjoy the transition ramps which can be installed around the perimeter of the Rubber cushions. This gradual 1-in-6 Slope transition ramp is 12 inches wide by 48 inches long and can be easily cut for length or angle application. Rubber is designed no only to protect for falls from height, but also from casual surface play. The transition ramps provide a finished edge and minimize falls due to tripping.rubber ada ramp

Covering New or Existing Areas Rubber cushions are designed for multiple area application requirements. The two-foot by two-foot cushions are designed with 100 "feet" which are attached by adhesive directly to hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt. This same adhesive also connects cushion-to-cushion providing a resilient, uniform surface. Many existing loose-fill playgrounds are being improved to meet fall requirements. Space considerations have made rooftop playgrounds a necessity in some areas. Safety considerations without damaging the underlying roof are another area For Rubber cushions.

Warranty and the Environment Rubber playground surfaces have a 5 year limited warranty. (see warranty specifications) Since 1985 the manufacturer has produced products from recycled tires for the safety and comfort of both humans and animals. It is committed to the environment and to the end-user's environment, in this case, the reduction of children's injuries on the nation's playgrounds. In one year's time they recycle over 2,500,000 tires. Each Rubber playground cushion uses four scrap tires that are proudly recycled into useful high quality products and kept from filling the nation's landfills

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