Groundcover Rubber Mulch

rubber landscape mulchAs Mulch Groundcover

Rubber Mulch is an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood mulch for landscaping. Compared to wood mulch, rubber mulch is more cost-effective, durable, environmentally-friendly and lower-maintenance. Plus, rubber mulch is clean - minimizing airborne dust and particles. Available in six fade-resistant colors, rubber mulch is a superior solution for your residential or commercial landscaping project.

Landscapers have relied upon organic mulch as groundcover for hundreds of years for one simple reason: There was no better alternative. Now, with the introduction of a smarter solution, landscapers are embracing  Rubber Mulch for its classic style and unparalleled performance.

rubber mulch for flower bedsLandscaping Rubber Mulch is a high-performance landscaping material, requiring re-application less often by remaining bright and plush – and in place:

Because you won't need to re-mulch for up to 12 years, you save on the costs of buying new mulch and on the labor of re-applying it on a yearly basis.

Smart solutions like Rubber Mulch save not only time and money, but are great for the environment. As a green landscaping improvement,  Rubber Mulch saves trees, keeps millions of scrap tires out of landfills annually, and earns you Green Building Credits.

Rubber Mulch helps Americans recycle and reuse 89.3 percent of the scrap tires generated annually – compared to just 40 percent of plastic bottles.

rubber mulchSmarter Landscapes From the Ground Up
With the texture of traditional wood mulch and a variety of natural and vibrant colors,  Rubber Mulch combines beauty and performance. Unlike wood,  Rubber Mulch does not attract bugs, rodents, mold or mildew.

By not compressing or flattening,  Rubber Mulch provides excellent drainage. Because rubber mulch does not absorb moisture, water continues to get to plants, but weed growth is controlled.

The advanced technology used to clean, process, and convert used tires into Rubber Mulch ultimately creates a material that is non-allergenic and harmless to plants, pets and children – without depleting our natural resources.

Sustainable Building - LEED

black rubber mulch  blue rubber mulch  brown rubber mulch  Green rubber mulch  redwood color rubber mulch  tan rubber mulch
Quantity   Description   Price/Bag 
 Redwood 20 cu. ft.   Packaged in 1.0 cubic foot Poly bags
 (approx 527lbs) 
 Redwood 38 cu ft   Packaged in a Supersack
 (Approx 1,000lbs)

 Redwood 76 cu ft  Packaged in a Supersack
 (Approx 2,000lbs)

 Redwood 80 cu. ft.  Packaged in 1.0 cubic foot Poly bags
 (approx 2,100lbs) 

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