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Warning and protective bumper guards prevent impact injuries and protect private and commercial property. They also absorb hard impacts and therefore provide effective protection from injuries.

Thanks to the yellow/black warning marking, they signalise sources of danger at edges, projections and other obstacles. They are used for access roads on company premises, machinery, and vehicles or on walls and passageways both inside and outside.

These bumper guards also protect the car door from impact with the garage walls and prevent injuries from falls at basement doors in households. Neutral colours are provided for this particular type of application.

As a result of a special manufacturing process, these warning and protective bumper guards are extremely flexible, protected against paint abrasion and can be produced continuously on rolls of up to 50 running metres.

There are different bumper guard versions available:

knuffi profilesbumper guards
Profile body: Recyclable polyurethane foam, completely CFC-free
Surface: solid foamed PU film with colour applied by counter pressure, hence no external colour build-up.
Adhesive: For types A,C,D,E, and F, light and age-resistant, modified acrylate adhesive. Adhesive force: 21 N/25mm
between –40°C und +100°C
Fire test: in conformity with DIN 4102 B2
Colours: Signal yellow/black shaded according to VBG 125
Red/white shaded according to VBG 125
(other colour combinations are possible)
Standard length: For types A,B,C, and D 1.000 mm
For type E and F 5 m/10 m
(Lengths from 0.3 m to 50 running metres available)
Assembly: Simply stick on cleaned and grease-free surfaces.
Subject to technical alterations.
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