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History of the company

The conceptual idea for New Century NORTHWEST came about in mid 1995. Robb Pynes decided to get into marketing recycled rubber and plastic products, by the end of that year New Century NORTHWEST LLC was formed.

As 1996 opened working relations begun in 1995 were expanded with many manufacturing companies across the US, Canada and Mexico. New Century NORTHWEST became one of its manufacturers fastest growing distributors that year as we spread the word about recycled products across the US.. Along the way New Century NORTHWEST found that it could offer customers many different services and we soon got involved with many other Plastic and Rubber manufacturers and decided to market personal and highway safety products as well. The addition of Vince Badkin in Marketing helped strengthened our commitment to customer service. The introduction of "Yellow Jackets" manufactured by New Century NORTHWEST rounded out an exciting year of growth.

1997 New Century NORTHWEST became a master distributor of personal safety products. However recycled products remained a strong focus and new recycled products manufacturers were added

1998 What was sent via fax and mail and offered incomplete, was the literature so often needed to showcase the various products. This changed with the widespread use of the internet as a means of disseminating information. Gone was the black and white fax, and in its place, websites in color which better depicted a product and made them more real. Our new goal was not only to maintain a web presence but to provide new services from New Century NORTHWEST thus the building of web pages again expanded our customer service orientated efforts.

1999 With the last year of the Century and the addition of new technology, New Century Northwest added many products as communications with Worldwide Customers increased every day. We became a global company.

2000 The new century started with our new name, Here new products and services were added to our support our growing list of clients.

2001 New Century NORTHWEST began accepting Visa and Mastercard as a form of payment. Enabling our staff to quickly facilitate shipments throughout the US and overseas.

2002 NCNWEST.Com kept right on growing, servicing customers around the globe. Many new products were again added to an ever increasing customer base. We are in the New Century now and buying goods made from recycled rubber and platics is in widespread demand.

2003 With the addition of more staff we are able to provide more products and information vital to our customers on traffic safety and upcoming changes to the industry as well as many new uses for existing products.

2004 More new products are being added as you read this. Look for more quality products on line or give us a call. Our new e-mail address is and we will be adding more phone lines for our customers convenience.

2008 I said 4 years ago that "we are adding new products" and that continues to this day.

20011 Robb Pynes is now back in sales, Call Robb for quotes or e-mail

If our product list does not contain items that you are interested in just give us a call, fax or e-mail New Century NORTHWEST and we will do our best to get you the information or product you are seeking.