Reflective Sheeting

Diamond Grade / High Intensity / Engineer Grade /Yellow Jackets

Diamond Grade

Product Number Size Price
RSD3004 3" x 4" 1.50
RSD3006 3" x 6" 2.25
RSD3010 3" x 10" 3.80
RSD3012 3" x 12" 4.55

Colors: White Reflective Sheeting(01) White, Yellow Reflective Sheeting(02) Yellow, Red Reflective Sheeting(05) Red, Blue Reflective Sheeting(08) Blue

Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting: Diamond Grade reflective shearing is a cube corner reflective sheeting which is as least three times brighter than encapsulated lens sheeting and up to ten times brighter than enclosed lens sheeting This means greater visibility for drivers in all roadway conditions performs at entrance angles up to 60 degrees. allowing wide flexibility in sign placement Diamond Grade Sheeting provides the brightest reflective performance of any durable sign sheeting available.

Reflective SheetingReflective SheetingReflective Sheeting

High Intensity

Product Number Size Price
RSH3004 3" x 4" 0.90
RSH3006 3" x 6" 1.35
RSH3010 3" x 10" 2.20
RSH3012 3" x 12" 2.65

Colors: (01) White, (02) Yellow

High Intensity Grade Reflective: Sheeting High Intensity Grade reflective sheeting is a durable encapsulated lens sheering which is designed to be at least three times brighter than Engineer Grade Sheeting when new. What's more, it is guaranteed to retain at least 80% of that original brightness after 10 years on the highway. High Intensity Grade Sheeting is clearly visible. even at wide angler to the sign and in lighted areas. warning drivers effectively of upcoming road hazards

Engineer Grade

Product Number Size Price
RSE3004 3" x 4" 0.60
RSE3006 3" x 6" 0.90
RSE3010 3" x 10" 1.50
RSE3012 3" x 12" 1.75

Colors: (01) White, (02) Yellow, (05) Red, (08) Blue

Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting: Engineer Grade reflective sheeting is a durable enclosed lens material used successfully on traffic signs since the early 1950's It continues to be used in areas with light traffic and slower speeds.

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