Plastic Shaft Spacer for rebar


A guide and alignment system for bar reinforcement positioning within caissons, drilled shafts, and other geotechnical construction applications.Positioning rebar within appropriate clearances is critical, making spacing and support devices essential for inspection standards. Our line of rebar cage centralizers provide the appropriate space requirements in order to maintain that rebar is in the correct position during the construction process and throughout concrete placement.

Shaftspacers® Insure that bar reinforcement is properly spaced and aligned within the confines of the drilled shaft or excavation. These durable plastic spacer wheels provide quality assurance for the contractor, engineer, and inspector. Installation is quick and easy requiring only unskilled labor.

SHAFTSPACER® is currently available in four models

Offset Hairpins are available in tandem with the SS series to comply with eccentric spacing requirements and/or seismic design considerations

different sizes of hairpin bars. The difference is the short (offset) leg. A sketch is attached that shows how the product is used.

                                                                           Approx. clearance when combined

Model                  Length of offset leg         with SS505 Shaftspacer

HP200E                2.00”                                   4”

HP275E                2.75”                                   5”

HP350E                3.50”                                   6”

HP450E                4.50”                                   7”

HP600E                6.00”                                   8.5”

Offset Hairpin System Detail
Hairoin Wheel Extender

Models SS406 and SS505 are adaptable to #3 through #6 standard reinforcement steel bars and #10m through #19m metric reinforcement bars. Model SS612 and SS808 are adaptable to #3 through #7 standard reinforcement steel bars and #10m though #22m metric reinforcement bars.

Minimum SHAFTSPACER® Placement Requirements
Use one spacer per foot (or 304.8mm) of shaft diameter (minimum of four per tier).
Maximum six (6) foot or (1.83m) spacing from the top of the shaft.
Maximum two (2) foot (or .61m) spacing from the bottom of the shaft.
Maximum eight (8) foot (or 2.44m) interval spacing along the longitudinal axis of the shaft.


  • Bridge Foundations
  • Transmission Line Foundations
  • Building Foundations
  • Sub-station Foundations
  • Retaining Wall Foundations
  • Tower Foundations
  • Street Light Foundations
  • Machine Foundations
  • High Mast Foundations
  • Slurry Walls


Sample Specification
The bar reinforcement shall be concentrically spaced and supported inside the drilled shaft.
The reinforcing steel shall be held securely in position prior to and during concrete placement operations. Spacers shall be non-corrosive support and positioning devices such as the SHAFTSPACER® System

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