Plastic Rumble Strips

rumble strip
Plastic Rumble Strip offers you a unique design that creates an audible signal alerting drivers to reduce speed. It features 10 noise steps, a short "landing" and a 9%, 1/2" drop-off at its trailing edge. This edge makes it possible to remove the rumble strips at the completion of a job by simply running a blade into it.

Strong but Flexible Recommended Applications Easily Installed Specifications
Recommended use IS to place a series of six rumble strips across the traffic lanes parallel to the chalk lines so they make one long strip. Then, additional strips (of six rumble strips each) are placed next to each other to form a section that has a total of 36 rumble strips. These sections are placed at 5' centers in 45 mph speed zones and 200' in advance of various constructions zone warning Signs.

Rumble strips help prevent construction zone accidents
In the test evaluation, vehicle speeds were checked in three ways;
The test showed that by adding the rumble strips, average vehicle speed was reduced more than 8 mph as compared to the use of standard construction signs and more than 4-1/2 mph as compared to using both construction Signs and 35 mph regulatory signs.

To Install
Epoxy the strips down the entire length Epoxy should fill channels and come up trough weep holes. Trowel excess epoxy in fillet on leading and trailing edges.

plastic rumble stripsTO REMOVE:
Run blade into back edge and pop loose

rumble striprumble strip
rumble strip
rumble strip
rumble strip

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