A Frame Barricade

  A frame plastic barricade


  • Lightweight features allow ease of handling.
  • Withstands the strongest of impacts.
  • Manufactured from specially formulated plastic compound utilizing polymer protection and a UV stabilizer.
  • Available with TD4200 (2"x8") extruded plastic boards in any length desired.
  • A-Frame legs with rails inserted are angled 15" for greater stability.
  • Top rail is 36.5" above ground to conform to MUTCD standards.
  • Can be used as a Type I or Type II barricade or a sign stand.


The TD3000 Parade Barricades are available in White.
We can manufacture this product to your desired color.


The measurements provided are intended only as a source of information. They are given without guarantee and are not classified as a warranty. A specification will be sent to you upon request.

barricade hinge diagram
  • A-Frame Dimensions:
    Height: 1.8 inches
    Width: 30.00 inches
    Length: 42 inches
    Weight: 6.5 lbs
  • Boards available in 4 Foot through 20 Foot Lengths.
  • Each Hinge contains polymer pin for connecting two legs together for Type I or II barricade and sign stand application.
  • Parade barricade application consists of two TD3000 A-Frame legs and one or two TD4200 Model plastic boards.
  • Material: UV Stabilized Polymer Alloy with a Cold Weather Protection Package.
  • Colors: White.
  • All sheeting complies with ASTM4956.01.

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